We specialise in comprehensive financial and accounting services as well as HR and payroll services for business entities, associations and foundations. We offer comprehensive services for companies with Polish and foreign capital, and of all business profiles.   Accounting services – bookkeeping – all forms of taxation

  • simplified accounting – Income and Expense Books, flat rate,
  • full accounting – Accounting Books,
  • preparation of financial reports,
  • annual personal tax returns (PIT),
  • preparation of PCC declarations for civil law contracts,
  • reports to the Central Statistical Office,
  • preparation of documentation for loan applications.

Our HR services include:

  • drawing up employment contracts,
  • preparation of civil law contracts (contracts of mandate [“umowa zlecenie”] and contracts for specific work [“umowa o dzieło”]),
  • keeping personal files of employees,
  • determining the leave allowances for employees,
  • preparing certificates of employment and remuneration,
  • preparing work certificates.

 Our payroll services include:

  • preparing payroll lists, invoices for civil law contracts,
  • preparing and sending to the National Insurance Services (ZUS) monthly tax returns, personal monthly reports,
  • keeping personal employee income cards,
  • calculating public law liabilities related to the payment of remuneration by the Employer (ZUS, PIT),
  • preparing annual income information (PIT-11).
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