Tax advisory

In the field of tax consultancy:

  • we provide advice, opinions and explanations regarding tax and customs duties as well as administrative enforcement related to these duties,
  • we help in keeping books and records for tax purposes,
  • we prepare on behalf of and for the benefit of taxpayers, payers and collectors testimonies and tax declarations or provide assistance in this respect,
  • we represent our clients (companies and individual taxpayers) in proceedings before public administration authorities, and in the scope of judicial review of decisions, resolutions and other administrative acts,
  • we represent our clients in the court in tax law cases as their representative,
  • we can represent in the court on tax matters on an equal footing with an attorney or legal counsel.

This is why it is worth to use the services of a tax advisor:

  • This allows you to optimise the company’s processes and ensure its smooth operation.
  • It gives a sense of security (the advisor is subject to compulsory third-party liability insurance for damages caused in the performance of tax advisory activities).
  • The tax advisor is obliged to keep confidential the facts and information – it is a profession of public trust.
  • A tax advisor is a combination of a financier and lawyer’s work, his work is not only focused on the assessment of the regulations, but also on the overall view of the client’s business, also taking into account its financial situation, risk assessment, threats, etc.

Additional benefits of using a tax advisor include:

  • high objectivity in the selection of accounting and tax rules,
  • the collective experience of a team of people working for many business entities,
  • experience in handling tax and social benefits inspections,
  • easy recovery of claims due to improper performance of the service (through third-party liability insurance – OC),
  • low contract cost management,
  • savings on the social benefits for employees.
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