Our services include taking care of most issues related to running a company or organisation in terms of tax law and accounting. Our specialists operate within two teams: Full Accounting and Simplified Accounts. In addition, we advise on matters related to human resources, legalisation of employment of foreign workers, settlements in the field of social insurance (Polish National Insurance – ZUS) and acquiring grants and subsidies for development. We also offer the possibility of setting up a virtual office. In the menu on the left you will find more information about the range of services we offer.   We collaborate with a wide range of clients. Amongst people and organisations who entrusted us with their business you will find developer DVL Progres – the builder of “Sarni Stok” development in Bielsko-Biała, STARLING HATS – the maker of stylish hats that find their customers even in the UK and USA, and the singer Asteya Dec.  

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We specialise in comprehensive financial and accounting services as well as HR and payroll services for business entities, associations and foundations. We offer comprehensive services for companies with Polish and foreign capital, and of all business profiles.   Accounting services – bookkeeping – all forms of taxation

  • simplified accounting – Income and Expense Books, flat rate,
  • full accounting – Accounting Books,
  • preparation of financial reports,
  • annual personal tax returns (PIT),
  • preparation of PCC declarations for civil law contracts,
  • reports to the Central Statistical Office,
  • preparation of documentation for loan applications.

  Our HR services include:

  • drawing up employment contracts,
  • preparation of civil law contracts (contracts of mandate [“umowa zlecenie”] and contracts for specific work [“umowa o dzieło”]),
  • keeping personal files of employees,
  • determining the leave allowances for employees,
  • preparing certificates of employment and remuneration,
  • preparing work certificates.

   Our payroll services include:

  • preparing payroll lists, invoices for civil law contracts,
  • preparing and sending to the National Insurance Services (ZUS) monthly tax returns, personal monthly reports,
  • keeping personal employee income cards,
  • calculating public law liabilities related to the payment of remuneration by the Employer (ZUS, PIT),
  • preparing annual income information (PIT-11).


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Tax advisory

In the field of tax consultancy:

  • we provide advice, opinions and explanations regarding tax and customs duties as well as administrative enforcement related to these duties,
  • we help in keeping books and records for tax purposes,
  • we prepare on behalf of and for the benefit of taxpayers, payers and collectors testimonies and tax declarations or provide assistance in this respect,
  • we represent our clients (companies and individual taxpayers) in proceedings before public administration authorities, and in the scope of judicial review of decisions, resolutions and other administrative acts,
  • we represent our clients in the court in tax law cases as their representative,
  • we can represent in the court on tax matters on an equal footing with an attorney or legal counsel.

  This is why it is worth to use the services of a tax advisor:

  • This allows you to optimise the company’s processes and ensure its smooth operation.
  • It gives a sense of security (the advisor is subject to compulsory third-party liability insurance for damages caused in the performance of tax advisory activities).
  • The tax advisor is obliged to keep confidential the facts and information – it is a profession of public trust.
  • A tax advisor is a combination of a financier and lawyer’s work, his work is not only focused on the assessment of the regulations, but also on the overall view of the client’s business, also taking into account its financial situation, risk assessment, threats, etc.

  Additional benefits of using a tax advisor include:

  • high objectivity in the selection of accounting and tax rules,
  • the collective experience of a team of people working for many business entities,
  • experience in handling tax and social benefits inspections,
  • easy recovery of claims due to improper performance of the service (through third-party liability insurance – OC),
  • low contract cost management,
  • savings on the social benefits for employees.


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Business consulting

The business advice we provide aims to apply not only the right form of taxation, but also the right company structure to your way of doing business. Our goal is to tailor the structure and adjust the form of taxation to your company so that they fulfill their roles and are not a burden. They are not only to meet the current needs of the company, but also to provide development opportunities. We try to understand your needs and plans. We want to prepare you for the implementation of your plans and show you the most optimal way to execute them. Every business’s focus is development and we want to make you grow. We want to assist our client throughout the whole process of development of their company in a long perspective, because their success also builds our success. We are aware of the fact that our services are not a one-off solution, but they should be combined into a well-thought-out multi-year process.  

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On-line solutions

Digitisation in the context of ever-changing tax obligations is of great help to us and our clients. Submitting the declarations electronically to the Tax Office has been a standard for our company for a long time – even before it was introduced by way of a statutory obligation. We strive to synchronise our databases, which significantly shortens the waiting time for your reports on the financial results of your company. However, we want to go a step further and try to ensure that each of our clients has access to their documents and company results online through Saldeo Smart software. We also give you the option to issue invoices in the program, thanks to which we have real-time access to them.

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Acquiring subsidies

Almost everyone could use additional funds. We always say that the test for a good accountant is an efficient procedure for obtaining subsidies and grants to assist the company’s development. What matters is not only the quality of accounting provided, but also the response time. Our company supports entities who use external financing and cooperates with companies involved in providing such additional funds. We recommend to businesses how to prepare themselves for obtaining external financing for their enterprises.

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Legalisation of employment

Today’s market is the employee’s market. It is often difficult for companies to find the right talent on the domestic market and they choose to search for foreign workers. However, it turns out that it is not as easy as in the case of Polish employees. This present state of the market inspired us to develop our knowledge and experience in this direction, so that we can meet the expectations of our clients. We want to help you get through the foreign employment procedure, present an action plan and assess all costs associated with it.

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One of the services we provide is a virtual e-office. Your company can register at our address – primarily for the needs of correspondence or official inspections. Thanks to the virtual address, you can redirect all your company’s correspondence to us, and we will inform you upon receiving it. It is particularly useful for foreign companies that need a registered office in Poland. It is also a very useful tool for private individuals who rent their home from a landlord from whom they do not have permission to operate from its address – to run a business registered in the VAT system, they need a separate business address which we can provide.

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First visit

During your first visit, we will try to find out as much as possible about the type, size and geographical area of activities that you are running or planning to run. It would be advisable if you consider this before your visit:

  • what exactly you want to be your trade and what the geographical area of your business is,
  • if you are able to estimate your expected annual income and costs,
  • if your company will have other employees,
  • if you want to apply for external financing (loans, grants, etc.),
  • if you will have business partners in your company.

On the basis of the above information, we will propose to you a tax-efficient operating model for your company. We will try not only to facilitate efficient and financially optimised everyday processes, but also to provide space for dynamic development. We will help you make the necessary registrations with the authorities and inform you about the tax settlement calendar relevant to your type of business. Where such opportunities exist, we will also advise you on where and how to raise funds for financing your company’s development.  

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